"How Much Are Assumptions About Your Market and Customers Costing You?"

"Would you like to build 'rock solid' relationships with your existing customers and target market ... Relationships so strong that you are consistently growing your sales and profits ... regardless of what's going on in the marketplace?"

How many of these apply to your business?
  • You’re tired of your sales being down, and you want to ramp them back up

  • You’re doing OK, but you could be doing a lot better in sales… and profits

  • You want more market share, you’re sick of losing out to competitors

  • You’d like to be more confident that your products and services are what the market really wants and will pay for

  • You need a better understanding of your customers’ problems, including exactly what will make them buy from you instead of your competition

  • You want an economical, effective channel to reach your prospects

  • You're concerned that your customers might shop for the cheapest solution rather than staying loyal to you

  • You want more raving fan customers making enthusiastic referrals

  • You’re focused on leveraging your marketing dollars for optimal impact

  • You need to improve your customer retention rate

  • You’re doing well and you want to ensure that continues and increases

"At last, how to get in the driver's seat
and stay there."

   How do you get customers to do business with your company, instead of your competition?  Customers give their business to the company that solves their problems, fulfills their desires and gives them the best value for their dollar.

   When customers know that you have their best interests at heart it's a very strong inducement to do business with you.  Whether your customer is an end user consumer or another business, a human being still makes the buying decision.

   You must know exactly what your customers want, don’t want, and fear.  More than at any time in recent history, it's crucial that you know precisely what's in the minds and hearts of your customers and prospects.  When you apply an intimate knowledge and understanding of your customers, you create unbeatable competitive advantage.

   The secret is to build quality relationships and leverage that in-depth understanding of your market, not just make transactions.  Are your customers raving fans who won’t take their business elsewhere, even when it might be cheaper - even when they're concerned about money?  Business is people.  People make decisions emotionally.  Relationships are the key!  Exploration and engagement with your current and potential customers is what it's all about!

   You can’t connect powerfully with your customers if you don’t have an intimate knowledge of what they want.  And, what they want is very often different from what you think they need!

   I'll help you build that strategic relationship with your customers and your broader marketplace - quickly, easily and economically.

   Hello, I'm Marie Kane and I've been a strategic business consultant for more than 25 years.  In that time, I've helped clients work with customers, prospects, citizens, employees and teams within companies.  I've worked extensively with executive teams in strategic thinking and planning.  I've run a large organization and been an entrepreneur.  I know exactly what it's like to deal with the realities of business every day.  I'll help you engage your customers and your marketplace more effectively today, so that you're celebrating the positive impact on your sales and bottom line tomorrow!

Let me tell you a story

  Company One has launched a new product that they’ve put tons of money into developing and marketing. Customers are indifferent. Sales are a lot lower than expected. The impact on the bottom line of the company is serious and the news in the business press is affecting their credibility in the industry.  This has caused new customers to shy away and their sales to fall even further. The downward spiral is picking up speed and the outlook is not good unless they get things turned around soon.  Now, think about your company for a moment.

How do you approach developing a new product or service?

Do you know with certainty exactly what your market wants and needs?

Do you create substantial interest and excitement in your market in advance of your new product or service launches?

  Let’s take a look at another company.

   Company Two is doing pretty well.  They are not celebrating their best year ever, but their sales are respectable and their profits good enough. Things have been challenging for them and they are pleased to be doing better than other companies in their industry. They do have questions about the future. Their industry is undergoing change and their target market’s expectations have changed even more. They want to be sure they are positioned for future success. They do not want to be lulled into a false sense of security just because they are stable at the present

What concerns do you have about your company's future?

Will you be able to get the future business results you desire, based on your current relationships with your target market and existing customers?

What is the source of your company's competitive advantage?

Do you know your target market intimately enough so that you can create and sustain competitive advantage?

Company Three launched a new product successfully and thought they had it made.  Initial sales exceeded their wildest expectations.  Unfortunately, within three months of the product launch, customer service crashed because they weren’t prepared for what their customers expected, in fact, demanded.  The more the complaint rate soared, the more their credibility sank.  This sucked attention away attention from the other parts of their business, which then began to suffer as well.  As consumer confidence eroded, so did their bottom line.  What started out as a shinning triumph turned into an expensive nightmare, bad for their bottom line and their reputation.

What processes do you have in place to precisely assess your customers' expectations on a regular basis?

How often do you evaluate your customer support strategy and practices to ensure that they keep pace with your customer demands and shifting market expectations?

   Company Four aspired to be the leader in their market, but they were struggling with customer retention.  The solution they initially intended was to launch a new product.  They had their minds almost made up on what that would be, but decided they needed to check things out further with the market first.

   As a result, they discovered that the product they were planning to build, one that was going to cost a substantial amount of time and money, was not the product that their customers wanted. So, they not only avoided wasting all that time and money, but in the process, they discovered exactly what their customers did want in both product and service. 

   What did they do then? They built and launched that product and their sales increased significantly.  They followed up with their customers and prospects on a regular basis, gathering great market intelligence on exactly how to improve their product and service.  They entered into an ongoing dialogue with their customers.

   Based on the customer feedback, they improved their product and service.  Their sales rose yet again.  Because of their ongoing dialogue with their customers and the marketplace, they discovered that there was a demand for an entire new suite of products that was a perfect fit with their company's focus and expertise.

   They implemented a two-year development process to bring out three additional new products. During that time they stayed in close contact with their current and prospective customers via surveys and updates on the results of those surveys.  Through that process, they developed a list of people anxiously awaiting the product releases.  This is pure gold - people lining up to eagerly hand you their money.

   They successfully launched all three of those products because they knew exactly what their customers wanted and how they wanted it delivered and supported. Their new products and their customer service got rave reviews.  Sales increased enormously and the profitability of the company soared.

"Picture your company being as successful or even better!"

Now You Can


   Imagine understanding your customers' wants, desires and fears so well that you consistently take extremely focused, highly profitable action.  You are driving more sales and keeping your customers longer.  The lifetime value of your customers is much higher and your profits are much greater, now and in the future.

 "What's your company's story?"

   Maybe things aren't going well and you need a strategy to get out of the hole you're in.
Or, maybe your company is doing OK, but sales are growing very slowly, if at all.  Are profits nothing to write home about?   Are expenses continuing to inch up day-by-day, and sometimes, in leaps and bounds?

   Maybe nothing really dramatic is happening, but the lack of progress means you're slowly sliding backwards, like sinking in slow acting quicksand.  In business there's no such thing as standing still.  Could you be on the road to trouble?

   Maybe your company is doing pretty well. Sales and profits are climbing slowly, but fairly steadily and your company is not in any danger of failure, but you're convinced you can do a lot better.  When you know how to enter the conversation already going on in your target customers' minds, that's when they'll come running to your door

"You know the secret to success in business!"

  • "It's knowing your customers' wants, needs, and fears exactly and providing the products and services that match them every single time."

  • "Knowledge is power!"

  • "How do you gain this knowledge about your marketplace?  You ask them!"

Build Trust

Now, picture this as a
description of your company ...

  • You've grown your sales and your profits exponentially

  • You know your customers’ and your prospects’ wants, needs, desires, and fears

  • Your product development is tailored precisely to your market's issues

  • You offer only products and services that your customers are willing to pay for now

  • You get great return on investment from laser focused marketing campaigns

  • You've built a strong foundation for the future

  • You have enormous trust and credibility with your customer base

  • Your referral rate is constantly growing

  • You have greatly increased repeat business

  • Your customer retention rate is terrific

  • It's easy to get ongoing input from your customers because of your strong relationship with them

  • You have an incredibly motivated sales force

  • You consistently beat your competition by a wide margin

  • You're a leader in your industry and your market

  • Stockholders, family members and employees are really happy

  • High quality job applicants are beating down your door

  • Customers passionately refer others - they're your best sales force!

The 55 Minutes That Will Ramp Up Your Sales

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(short video - less than 3 minutes)


   Are you a key decision maker for your company on sales, marketing or customer relations strategies ... such as department head or V.P. Sales, Marketing, Customer Relations, or the Owner, President, CEO, COO, etc.?

   If you are ... you're eligible for a Complimentary Executive Strategy Session.  You'll be able to explore how your company can be more successful through better market intelligence and closer, more profitable relationships with your current and potential customers.

   In your strategy session, you will discover:

  • What your company's strengths and weaknesses are in your market intelligence gathering

  • What steps you may take immediately to improve it

  • A strategy for building stronger relationships with your current customers

  • A system you may use to delve more deeply into what most strongly motivates your target market to buy

  • A "double whammy" to improve your competitive position in the marketplace

  Plus, your Complimentary Strategy Session includes a proprietary, written assessment, prior to our telephone consultation.  You'll receive a complete copy of the results of this for your future use ... AND, I'll even provide you with a full recording of your strategy session.

  That's right ... NO strings attached and no cost.  Your Strategy Session will last for a total of 55 minutes, with the first 45 minutes devoted to addressing the five bullet points above.  In the last 10 minutes, I'll share some additional information on how you CAN get the results you want - IF, and only if, it proves to be a fit for your company based on our discussion.

  You will need to reserve 55 uninterrupted minutes for our telephone consultation.  As soon as you've completed the Market IQ questionnaire (approximately 15 minutes), you'll immediately be taken to the online calendar to schedule a convenient time for your Complimentary Strategy Session.

Click here to complete the Market IQ and to schedule an appointment for your strategy session.

   Below is an overview of the Market Relationship Mastery Program.  Fee free to review it.  I do recommend that you take advantage of the free executive strategy session offered above so that you can explore how this strategy fits with your company's strategic direction.

"Market Relationship Mastery supercharges your business!"

There are five Market Relationship Mastery components:

1.  Two live, monthly group phone consultation sessions are included.  You get expert, strategically focused input to create and tweak your individual market survey strategies.  You discover creative ways to use this strategy based on what others share or ask on these group calls.  This also ensures ample time for questions and sharing of new insights on effective survey strategies.

You get strategic thinking and market surveys combined!

  Marie Kane is an experienced strategic thinking and operational planning consultant, who brings those skills to these group phone consultations.  She shows you how to fully integrate your long-term business direction with a strategically focused customer and market survey system.  Marie helps you most effectively apply the operational and strategic insights discovered from your ongoing survey system.  You won't find this combination of more than 25 years of survey and strategic thinking expertise anywhere else.

In the group consultation sessions, you'll:
  • Focus your survey strategy for maximum returns

  • Get help with question development

  • Explore effective ways to reach your target audience

  • Get input on analyzing your survey results

  • Brainstorm best ways to follow up on your specific survey results

  • Explore how best to use your survey results for maximum ROI

  • Get tips from other group members on what worked for them

2.  Four, one hour, private phone consultations are included for each company.  These consultations will focus not only on your survey implementation, but also on ensuring that it is well integrated with your strategic direction and any documented strategic or operational plans. You also have the option of using one of these for an executive briefing for your entire top management team on integrating this strategy with the overall company direction and each departments' roles.

"Marie, I can't thank you enough for the personal consulting you provided on how to get maximum value from our survey. I'm particularly convinced that the time you spent helping us to fine-tune our survey questions was the main reason that the results far exceeded our expectations." 

  -  Bernie Perry - Jeffersonville, IN

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  Transcripts of both the group and individual company phone consults will be provided.  In the case of the group consults, they will be sent out to all members of Market Relationship Mastery (MRM) as well as posted in a member site on the web for easy access.  Recordings of group sessions will also be posted in the MRM member site to be accessed at your convenience.  In the case of the individual company consultations, only that company will receive the transcript.  Recordings are available upon request for the individual company consultations.

3.  The Market Survey Mastery Enterprise System, which includes everything you need to connect with your market and customers in ways you never have before.

  This is a comprehensive system and toolkit for using customer and market surveys to build your business. It shows you everything you need to know to implement this sales and profit building strategy.

  It will enable you to develop in-depth ability in-house to effectively and strategically use customer and market surveys in your business.  It includes comprehensive conceptual and how to information so that you can not only use the pre-done surveys that are included, but also create any survey you need at will.

   The pre-done surveys cover a variety of situations.  You simple customize them for your company.  This allows you to launch this strategy immediately and reap the benefits much sooner.  A comprehensive action guide leads you step-by-step through the process to effectively utilize market surveys.  The relationship building opportunities are explained.

   This system also includes multiple interviews with other experts discussing practical examples of the use of market surveys.

   In addition, you'll receive any future updates to the Market Survey Mastery Enterprise System for free even though others will pay more at that time.  Updates will be made available on the exclusive membership site and notices will be sent each time these become available.

4.  The proprietary Market IQ Assessment, which is a two part self-assessment that allows you to evaluate how well you know your customers and market, as well as what you're doing to stay on top of this knowledge.  You get an immediate boost on improving your market knowledge and business results just from taking action based on even some of your assessment results.

   You're able to access this powerful assessment online and have your scores emailed to you, including all the questions.  You're also able to access this assessment repeatedly so that you can check your progress any time you desire.  This also makes an excellent guideline for strategic group discussions about your market intelligence gathering approaches and your current knowledge of and relationship with your target market and current customers.

5.  You'll also receive both the print and the audio versions of my 2010 book Skyrocket Your Sales and Profits!  How to Know Your Customers Better Than They Know Themselves to share with your management team.

6.  As a bonus, I'm including the "Uncover the Strategic Issues That Will Make or Break Your Company!" that I've developed and refined over more than 25 years of strategic consulting.  It contains key strategic research questions that I use with my clients in strategic thinking and planning processes.  I've never made this available before to anyone else.

   This guide will significantly help you with your understanding of all the strategic variables impacting your business.  As a further bonus, you'll find that issues listed in the areas of market, customer and products/services in this guide will also help you decide on areas to pursue in your surveys.
   This special bonus, "Uncover the Strategic Issues That Will Make or Break Your Company!" includes:

  • Instructions on how to precisely determine your key critical strategic issues

  • A specific process to easily gather input from your executive team and others about strategic matters

  • Over 100 specific questions you can consider exploring across 12 strategic categories: Industry, Competition, Market/Customer, Products/Services, Financial, Internal Capabilities, Environmental, Research & Development, Technology, Suppliers, Raw Materials and Life Cycle Implications.  You choose what to explore.  Simply knowing what questions to consider is a huge competitive advantage.

  • Recommendations for ongoing Industry, Market and Competition Monitoring and Analysis. One of the challenges in competitive positioning is staying abreast of what is happening with the competition, industry, and market. For most companies, especially those in volatile, highly competitive situations, it's important to create an ongoing monitoring process.


Imagine How Your Business Has Taken Off
With Market Relationship Mastery Because:

Products and Services are targeted to what your customers and prospects are already looking for and willing to pay for

The system not only gets you this critical information, but also provides a vehicle for staying in touch with your prospects and customers

The systems builds a relationship of trust and loyalty with your customers

The system turbo-charges your business, whether you're a newcomer or an old hand at your business

The system improves improved the positioning of your business, regardless of how well or how poorly you're currently doing

Market Relationship Mastery Works
Great for Both Online and Offline Businesses


  • Grows your business more rapidly and successfully

  • Increases your profitability significantly

  • Optimizes your time and resources

  • Creates a foundation for ongoing success

  •    Market Relationship Mastery, gives you the edge to accomplish your business goals. Now is the time to discover how this supremely effective system can make you very successful, year after year.

      Please don’t wait to reap the benefits with Market Relationship Mastery, because you can be sure the competition is working on something right this minute to take some of your market share and steal away some of your customers!


    "Asking better questions is the sure way to get better answers from the marketplace. The examples and many methods that you provide for extracting information are brilliant. This is a step-by-step executable program that every business owner should implement. The who, what, when, why and how is covered. You didn't miss anything! You have shown the way to increase customer response and company profits exponentially." 
      -  David Bullock, Internationally known expert on testing market messages and improving sales and profits


    "There’s nothing else on the market like this!"

      Take a giant step towards building your business and your profits now!  Let me team up with you to make your business hugely successful.

      Here’s another reason to act now.  If other people in your marketplace are applying the principles found in Market Relationship Mastery, no matter how they know them, then they know what your market wants, needs and will pay for.  When they deliver it, you will have lost competitive advantage and all the sales and profits that go with it. 

    This isn’t about me or this system.
    It’s about how your company can drive the
    sales and profits that you’ve always imagined.

       "You completely reveal how to drive sales through the roof.  Not only do you demonstrate how to make more money, you walk me through the process from A-Z leaving nothing to chance." 
      -  David Perdew, corporate consultant and business owner

    "Don't Be Caught Short!"

      If your business isn't where you want, nothing will ever change until you do something different.  If you’re currently losing money, you’ll go on losing money unless you change something.  There’s no treading water in business.  You swim or you sink, especially in today's market.

    Market Relationship Mastery:

    • Turbo-charges your business

    • Targets products and services to what your market wants and is willing to pay for

    • Secures customers who know you, like you, trust you, and are loyal to you

    • Creates the in-house competency to manage your market intelligence gathering process

    • Provides the foundation and the tools for existing customers and target market relationship management

      Picture this.  With the Market Relationship Mastery System in your business, you're watching your sales and profits grow by leaps and bounds!

    Don't Wait ----- Get Your Complimentary Strategy Session Now!

    Watch your business take off!

    Every day you don’t take action, you’re losing money and losing ground.

    Let me help you grow your business, now!

    Click Here To Access Your Strategy Session Now!

      A portion of the proceeds from this product will go to Heifer International. For 60 years Heifer has been hugely successful in working with communities to end hunger and poverty and to care for the earth by providing livestock and the training to care for them. Heifer's strategy is to "pass on the gift."  As people share their animals’ offspring with others – along with their knowledge, resources, and skills – an expanding network of hope, dignity, and self-reliance is created that reaches around the globe.

    Market Relationship Mastery, Market Survey Mastery, Market IQ and all related offerings are marketed and sold through a licensing agreement with MarieJKane.com, L.L.C.  When you get these, your purchase or access is from MarieJKane.com, L.L.C.

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    About Marie

       Marie Kane has been a corporate consultant and executive coach since 1981. Her areas of expertise include survey use in market and customer surveys, leadership and management development, strategic thinking and planning, operational planning, results tracking, team development, change management and employee selection, retention and development.

    Marie Kane

       Marie has worked with organizations from small to Fortune 500 corporations in both the public and private sectors in a variety of industries. She also volunteers her professional services to specific non-profit organizations as a contribution to the community.

    Marie's work on Surveys, Teams, Leadership and other areas has been published by:

    The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India

    Sabah Business, a business magazine published by one of the leading newspapers in Turkey

    RMIT University (Melbourne, Australia) in their course BUSM1315 - Entrepreneurial Ventures 2


    The CEO Refresher at www.refresher.com/ceo.html

       Marie's work on the critical differences between teams and work groups appears in "Leadership in Project Management", to be published by Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann, Oxford, England, in January 2006.

       Capital Magazine, which has a circulation of 40,000 to business leaders in the Middle East, Africa, India, Pakistan and the CIS each month has published several articles on using marketing surveys by Marie.

    What Clients Say About Marie

       "Marie Kane has been a tremendous resource to Pathway Communities, Inc., formerly Peachtree City Development Corp., for over 20 years. There have been many issues that have arisen in which, without her professional advice, it would have been difficult, if not impossible, to get through well. 

       Once Marie takes on a job, she gives it her all. There is not one assignment Marie has ever undertaken for our company that she has not diligently and enthusiastically seen through to a total and successful completion."

    Steve Black, President and CEO, Pathway Communities (Retired)
    Pathway Communities is an industry leader in planned communities and is the developer of Peachtree City, GA, which is recognized as one of the best planned communities in the nation, as well as other premier developments.

       "Having previously used Marie, I came back to her at the next opportunity when a need arose more recently because she is darn good at what she does. Marie has an incredible ability to help sort out a situation and propose a clear, well-defined action plan in a very short time."

    Peter Nicholas, President, TIGHITCO, Inc.
    Tighitco manufactures engineered products for the aerospace, defense, power generation and marine markets focused on thermal and acoustical insulation composite parts and sheet metal assemblies.

       "I would recommend your services to any organization. From the pre-work to the final product, the process worked well and you were able to help us realize our potential.

       Everything we had hoped to accomplish during the working session and into the future has been achieved. We look forward to working with you again in the near future and will keep in touch as we progress with our plan and build on our success."

    Kimberly A. Fantaci, Executive Director, American Woman's Society of Certified Public Accountants

       "Megadoor has been using Marie Kane's services since 1999. Marie has seen a more than doubling of our company in this time period. She has been instrumental in making this hard transition much less difficult and has been involved in many aspects of our business. Above all she is a good friend and an invaluable outside look at our company."

    Ulf Petersson, President and CEO, Megadoor, Inc.
    Megadoor, Inc. is a manufacturer and installer of overhead doors for civilian and military aviation, mining, aerospace and others with similar needs, including the door to the space shuttle bay.